How to build your own Mental Wealth in just 8 weeks.

A simple but powerful way to create and cultivate your own wellbeing toolbox when you are not sure how or where to start.


Managing your Mental Wealth can be hard 

The fact is that brains are weird, modern workplaces are complex, and nobody is without their own stresses or challenges at work or in life.

The time has come to shed the stigma, shame, and fear surrounding mental health — because we all have it. This also means the responsibility to do something about it belongs to all of us, too.

So if you need a little help illuminating the path forward… And if you’re seriously ready to invest in your Mental Wealth, and turn it into an asset that drives you forward — today, tomorrow, and well, into the future… then we have the toolkit and support package for you to follow. We call it My Mental Wealth™.

Online Workshop and Coaching By International Experts

CHAMPS is a long-standing, global Mental Wealth and people consultancy. We partner with named brands supporting their employees to become their best and ingraining a culture of positive mental wealth.  

We thought it was time we took all of that expertise and experience and shared it with you on a 1:1 basis so you can benefit from it as an individual.

Imagine a Healthier and Mentally Fitter Future

Imagine if you had a self-care tool-box that you could call upon when you need it and know there are practical expert strategies that will work for you.

Imagine knowing you are working to a better version of yourself by taking the time to invest in your mental wealth in a supported environment.

Imagine being able to more easily cope with the challenges of the 21st century and bounce back from unexpected difficulties and pressures.

Imagine knowing how to thrive and live a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

All this is possible when you apply what you will discover in the
My Mental Wealth™ Coaching Programme.

Major Brands Trust Us With Their Minds

You can trust us with yours too...

We're Trusted Because of Our Expertise In Mental Wealth

CHAMPS works with forward-thinking individuals who want to thrive and flourish.  We aim to bring difficult topics to life in an engaging and fun way, believing that whilst change can be difficult, it should never be boring!

Our practice is founded on the principles of Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology and Organisational Behaviour.

What that means for you is; we focus on preventative, positively framed activities to encourage people to invest in their Mental Wealth – we believe it is an asset that can be drawn on to enable you to thrive consistently even in the most challenging times.


My Mental Wealth™ Coaching Gives You The Following Benefits

  • You'll know how to invest in your mental wellbeing by trying different aspects of health and wellness
  • You will be supported by trained experts on your journey to thrive and flourish
  • You will kick-start your knowledge of how positive psychology can help you flourish in life and face the challenging demands of modern life
  • You'll be able to build a growth mindset and be part of a community of like-minded individuals developing their Mental Wealth

What Others Have to Say About Our Work

CHAMPS’ sessions on mental "wealth" and anxiety were not only engaging, but they were also interactive and even fun. Mental illness is not something that is easy for people to talk, let alone laugh about, but Ruth's openness to talk about her own struggles and relate to her audience made it so much easier for people to open up. CHAMPS’ sessions received the highest praise out of all of the speakers I booked.

What I like about CHAMPS is that it’s grounded in solid expertise and intelligence but it’s delivered in a completely human way – inclusive, down to earth and practical for our everyday lives. 

What's Included in the My Mental Wealth™ Programme?

  • 8 week module programme to take at your own learning pace, with easy to follow content
  • Slide based video content focusing on all aspects of the unique CHAMPS MWealth strategy
  • Membership of our private Facebook Community Group to connect with your fellow MWealthers and share challenges, wins and best practice
  • Access to regular Zoom webinars for additional training and to ask any questions you may have and get the answers right away from the Team CHAMPS experts
  • Lifetime access to your online content and support

Bonus Items

To add even more value to your My Mental Wealth™ package, and to give you the best chance of achieving success, we are including these bonuses worth over £300!

  • A CHAMPS journal to track your mental wealth journey into the future
  • Downloadable PDF documents which will provide you with all the positive psychology interventions and exercises you may need
  • 24/7 online access to a world-class CHAMPS coaching team
  • Further signposting for your Mental Wealth
*includes VAT

  • 8 modules and 24 lessons

  • Easy to follow video content

  • Text lessons too for people that prefer to read rather than watch

  • PDF positive psychology interventions

  • Powerful activities to develop your Mental Wealth and apply learning

  • Life time access to the online course

  • 24/7 online access to a world-class CHAMPS coaching team

  • CHAMPS journal to track your Mental Wealth journey in the future

  • Membership of our private Facebook Community Group

  • Regular Zoom webinars for group coaching

14 Day Refund Policy

This is a 100% no-risk purchase backed by our 14 day no quibble refund policy.

Try My Mental Wealth™ for FREE. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the content within the first 14 days, we’ll fully refund you the money you paid for the programme.


  • What if I spend the money and don’t use it?
  • The CHAMPS team will ensure you are not made to feel guilty; the idea with the programme is you can pick and choose the activities to try out yourself, but by having the Facebook Community Group and Zoom calls it will help you to feel accountable and keep moving.

  • What if I cannot make all the live Zoom calls?
  • Don’t worry - they will be recorded, and you will be able to watch them later or re-watch if you want to double the inspiration.

  • Why I should I choose this health and wellbeing programme over another provider?
  • Great question! Simply because we are world experts in what we do. There are a team of Positive Psychology Practitioners, Health and Wellbeing Coaches, Mental Health First Aiders and Change experts who can ensure the programme is relevant and evidenced-based.

  • I have a diagnosable mental health condition should I do the programme?
  • The idea around My Mental Wealth™ is that anyone can do the programme regardless of whether you are diagnosed with a mental health condition or not. However as per when you undertake any new learning, it is advisable you check with your GP or Primary Health Care Provider, or you can confidentially email the CHAMPS team direct and we will talk you through it further as to any concerns you may have.

  • If I don’t like the programme, can I have a refund?
  • CHAMPS is confident you are going to love My Mental Wealth™, however if the programme is not for you, we offer a 14 day refund. However, there is no time limit on how long you have access to the course for so you can revisit the content as many times as you like.

  • Can I purchase the programme for my team or business?
  • YES! We provide discounts to organisations who want to use the programme as part of their wellbeing strategy email [email protected]  for more information.

email: [email protected]
CHAMPS Consulting Limited, Lower Ground Floor
111 Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 6AW
VAT Registration Number: 233 0769 20 | Company Number 9807790

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